Our History


The first mission team from the First Church of God began its work in the summer of 1996 with our outreach to the Church of God at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. We worked with members of the Church and Native Americans from the Sioux tribes to build a parsonage and also a place to house future mission teams from around the country.

Our second mission trip was to Sun Valley Indian School in Sun Valley, Arizona, where we worked with Native Americans from the Navajo tribes. We performed many tasks at the School, including laying tile, installing windows, cleaning and painting dorm rooms and some of our members contribute financial support to a Native American child who attends school.

In 2001, we traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a Native American Bible College. We met students who were preparing for the ministry and also some who would become missionaries to their own people. We again worked with the people there in performing many task such as laying tile, painting and cleaning. We also took part each morning in the Devotional led by some of the students.

Once again we felt the call to return to Wounded Knee and in the summer of 2004 our team overcome many obstacles to work and worship with our friends from this special place. The men erected a fence around the property while the ladies cleaned and painted the original church on the property. We took many boxes of gifts for the church including clothes, toys, shoes, toiletries and books. Many people from the surrounding area came and took items for their families. On Wednesday night we hosted a hot dog supper and birthday party for a member of the congregation, with about 100 people attending. We took part in the Wednesday night service with members leading music, playing the piano, singing with Rev. Hollow Horn and our own Gideon speaker providing a message. Wounded Knee will always have a special place in our hearts.





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