Letter from work in Ghana

The Missions Committee

First Church of God

5008 Hilderbrand Rd NW.

Roanoke, VA. 24012


Dear Members of the Mission Committee,


We extend warm salutations to you and to the rest of the brethren of our mother church in Roanoke. We are all doing well physically and spiritually at this writing and we trust you are also doing likewise in Roanoke.


The purpose of our writing at this time is to inform you that we have now completed the two important ministry projects financed in the main with funds sent to us from Roanoke First Church of God, our beloved mother church.


The first project is the construction of a multi-purpose permanent structure to replace the temporal canopy, covered with tarpaulin, which had served as additional classrooms for the school, and meeting room for some ministry groups in the church.


The second project is the commencement of renovation work on our 30 years old wooden structure which had served as our sanctuary.


About 1/3 of the structure, starting from the pulpit section is now completely renovated and furnished with new lighting system, ceiling fans, wall to wall carpeting and new set of chairs for the ministers. We hope to continue with the next phase of the renovation work when funds become available.


We attach, for your perusal pictures taken during and after the construction and renovation works.


We are certainly very grateful to you all because your beloved congregation has, over the many years, in obedient submission to God, has provided the means, the opportunity, and blessing for the church in Ghana to minister as a steward into whose care God has entrusted His Kingdom Agenda. Thank you again for being such a loving, compassionate and caring mother church to us.


Please, pass on our friendly and cordial Christians greetings to all the brethren thereabout.


Gratefully and affectionately yours,


Bishop Edward Nkansah & the Church in Ghana.


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